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 JG-016 Wavering Auto Welding Carriage เครื่องช่วยเชื่อมอัตโนมัติ


- Used for the auto-welding of jointing, vertical and horizontal

- Widely use in shipbuilding, bridge, vehicle oil & chemical and steel structure engineering.

- Welding touch has wavering function. Waving speed, angle, central shifting and left/right pause time can be adjusted so as to make the best welding result.

- The driven is equipped with manual clutch for easy position and returning to the starting position of the welding.

- Small rail is easy to move and equipped with permanent magnet, easy to operale.

- Wavering mode : 


Specification : Model JG-016


Input                                                : 220V/50-60Hz

Up Down                                           : 40mm

Torch Forward Backward                     : 40mm

Torch Work Angle                               : ± 45°

Torch Processing Angle                        : 10°

Weaving Control left/right pause time    : 0-2.5s

Weaving Speed                                   : 0-100

Weaving Control Shifting distance set    : 0-±8°

Weaving Angle                                    : ±15°

Length Speed mm/min                         : 30-900


Dimention                                           : L480xW250xH400mm



Download specification : JG-016 spec.pdf



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JG-016 HK100
JG-016 HK1003
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